QUERALBA (QA) - American Oak

PREMIUM « nature » - AIR DRIED, CHIPS BETWEEN 10 & 30 mm

Heart of American White Oak
mainly Quercus Alba
Pennsylvania (Pa)
Queralba Premium « nature » & « piano »
AIR-DRIED - Unheated product air dried (Pn) with additional thermal drying (Pp)
Chips (C = Chips)
10 à 15 %
Particle size
Chips between 10 and 30 mm
Flavor Components
coconut, clove, vanilla, milky flavorings. Standard aromas of non-heated wood
Other properties
Added sweetness


1 - Usages in alcoholic fermentation or malolactic fermentation

White grapes
dosage rate: 1 to 4
Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier…
May also be used for rosé wines
Red grapes
dosage rate: 1 to 5
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah…
Observed Benefits
  • Increased aromatic intensity: for low dosage rates (0.5 - 1 g / I) no wooded taste, but a strengthening of varietal aromas.
  • Improved wine taste: longer finish, and for red wines: more structure (tannins), more sweetness: increased roundness, fat, increased persistent finish
  • Stabilization of the color: overtime there is a greater stability of the pigments

2 - Usages in wines

White wines
dosage rate: 1 to 4
Red wines
dosage rate: 1 to 5
Observed Benefits
  • Increased aromatic intensity with enhanced fruity notes.
  • Increased wine complexity for nose and mouth, added roundness.
  • reduced astringency, added sweetness.
Package: composite air tight bag
10 or 15 kg Infusion bags: Polyester - food quality
One year in their original packaging tightly closed and stored in a dry place.
Analysis Report
Non-toxicity analysis report available on request: pentachlorophenol, benzopyrene.
Safety Report
Available upon request.